How these emergency plumbers fixed my gas leak from 1,100km away

This is a story of a Landlord who found herself far away from home when a tenant reported a strong smell of gas.

“I don’t know why it always happens this way but, I was on a business trip to Brisbane when I received a dreaded message from one of my holiday tenants advising that they could smell gas and had turned off the cylinders. 

It was the middle of winter, 8pm and I was aware that it was cold and raining hard back home. I was also aware that two of my properties share the same gas supply so now I had two families without heating or hot water.

I was pretty anxious as I hadn’t needed an emergency plumber before and needed to get this situation fixed immediately. So I Googled exactly that and saw that Parrish offered a 24/7 emergency plumbing service. 

I spoke to their customer service team who soon put my mind at ease. In a world of huge soulless companies it was refreshing to find that Parrish is a genuinely local company and an emergency plumber was despatched within minutes.  I received regular updates as they knew I was wanting to update my tenants.

Within two hours the emergency plumber had attended site, found the problem and replaced the faulty regulator valve. The tenants reported that the technician had been really helpful and explained that there was no danger. 

I now have the 24/7 Parrish Group phone number saved to my phone in case I have any future plumbing or roofing emergencies. In fact, I now have the Parrish technicians do an annual Landlord compliance safety audit on my rental properties to make sure everything is as it should be.

I would happily recommend the team at Parrish. Great service and easy to deal with.”


For your peace of mind, save the Parrish number to your phone now under ‘Emergency Plumbers’. That way you can get in touch if you have an emergency plumbing or roofing issue.

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