Our Commercial Rail Systems

There are many circumstances where a job requires edge protection for working at heights, but scaffolding isn’t an option. This could be because scaffolding is difficult to erect or too costly. This is where temporary edge protection can be installed to protect workers without obstructing existing structures.

Our Commercial Rail Systems include:

  • Purlin mounted system
  • Tilt panel system
  • Safety Rail Systems
  • Temporary Edge Protection
  • Temporary Roof Edging
  • Height Safety Fencing

All our commercial systems can be tailored to the needs of different jobs and different trades. Whether you need edge protection for the installation of solar, air conditioning or others trades, speak to us about the needs of your project. Extended hire is available for all commercial projects.


Raftarail has over ten years of experience in the edge protection industry. Our product is of a superior standard, and our installers are highly trained. We have a system for almost every situation and ensure we always comply with WHS requirements. Contact us for same day commercial rails systems across the Shoalhaven, Illawarra and Southern Highlands.

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