Roofing Profiles In Australia

he roof is a vital part of any building. It protects us from the sun, wind, snow, and rain and prevents insects and rodents from making our home theirs. The roof also helps enhance the overall look of our property. If you’re considering installing a new roofing system, here are the different Australian roof types or profiles you can choose from.


A hipped roof is characterised by three or more pitched planes, depending on the shape of the house. All planes have a downward slope from the ridge at the top of the roof. This type of roof is ideal for areas with high winds because of its shady eaves and great strength.


If you want a spacious attic, you may want to consider a gabled roof. With its triangular shape, a gabled roof provides excellent space for an attics and is often combined with a hipped roof.


One of the most common roofing profiles in the country is the flat roof. Despite its name, the flat roof has a pitch and is angled slightly to ensure water runoff. One of the advantages of choosing this roofing system is that it is easier to install. What’s more, it is safer and more accessible when you need to stand on top of it.


This type of roofing system is basically a flat roof with a visibly significant pitch. The name “skillion” is also often used for a smaller addition to an existing roof, where the same roof pitch makes the skillion roof lower than the ceiling of the main structure.


The butterfly roof is two skillioned roofs with a box gutter between them. This type of roof is usually more expensive because it needs box gutter detailing and other engineering requirements. Also, it can be difficult to install.

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