Temporary Edge Protection Systems Explained

When your team is working on a roof, whether it’s the roof for a new home or a re-roof, their safety is of paramount importance. Reducing the risk of physical injuries not only protects the physical health of your workers, but it also ensures the project won’t be subject to lengthy delays which could cause financial losses for your business. So, how do you make sure that you keep your workers safe, comply with Australian OH&S Regulations and not spend a fortune on unnecessary full perimeter scaffolding? Temporary Edge Protection Systems of course! Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of these unique systems.


Temporary Edge Protection Systems (also known as Roof Safety Guardrail and Safety Rail Systems) is a cost-effective solution to keep your workers safe and comply with Australian Safety Standards. Other benefits include:

  • Extremely fast to erect
  • Easily transportable
  • Suitable for roof construction or roof replacement
  • Minimal impact to roof
  • Cheaper than full perimeter scaffolding
  • Meets WHS requirements
  • Suitable for commercial constructions projects and residential construction projects


  • Sacraficial Systems – Our unique “galvanized” Sacraficial brackets are installed into the top of the rafter allowing the bracket to stay in the roof.
  • Undereave Systems – This system is installed on the side of the rafters and down underneath the fascia and gutter to keep your workers safe.
  • Frame Rail – Also known as Carpenters Catch, this system is attached to the face of the studs allowing your carpenters to install their 2nd storey frames.
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