What Height Is Fall Protection Required?

It’s a common question – at what height is fall protection required in Australia? Falls from heights are extremely dangerous, often leading to death or permanent injury, and there is strict legislation governing working at heights. Most falls happen from four metres or less, so generally speaking, fall protection equipment is required for anyone working at a height of two metres or more.


When working on the ground is not an option, the risk of a fall must be properly managed and a fall-prevention device put in place.

If your employees will be working from a height, you will need a height safety specialist to conduct a thorough site inspection. They will determine how the height safety legislation applies to your particular site and make recommendations to ensure compliance.

Read detailed information on codes of practice for managing the risk of workplace falls.


Parrish Group’s temporary edge protection system is suitable for both metal roofs and tile roofs and meets all WHS Safety Requirements. It has minimal impact on the roof material and causes next to no disruption while being installed. Get started with Raftarail today

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